For city-dwellers who long for nature and adventure.

Adventure is a state of mind. It’s enjoying being out of our comfort zone. It’s about discovering our connection to nature. It’s walking the path that makes us feel alive. It’s not about how far we go, but about giving each mile, meaning. It’s about joy, connection, adrenaline. These are the kind of miles that mean something. On those we become us. On those we make life decisions. On those we ARE. Let yourself be present in every step, every mile. Join us at Beemiles!

Do you wonder if your life could be more exciting, more adventurous, more fulfilling? Do you dream of getting out of comfort and discovering new worlds? Do you believe nature has lessons awaiting to be learned? Do you consider yourself a "global villager" looking for new adventures?

Then it is you we’re after. It is you whom we want to inspire.  

Let us guide you to new and exciting experiences. Take our hand and dream about your next destination. Get prepared by going through our outdoor sports’ tips and advice. Become inspired by people who have ventured out into the unknown. Recognise the humanity in such adventurers, and see yourself reflected in them.

We are nature lovers, we are adventure lovers. We have experienced the power of nature in ourselves through adventure. We want to reach out to urban dwellers and remind them that they too come from nature, they too belong to nature. We seek to remind people that adventure awaits just a few tips & clicks away, and inspire them to go for it.

Taking care of nature is about being responsible. Inspiring environmental awareness in your next adventure is part of our mission.

We offer our audience adventure recommendations, high quality articles with useful and independent information, great photography, a functional and minimalistic design, and inspiring stories.

We focus on:

  • Inspiring a passion for outdoors’ adventures

  • Providing useful and practical adventure travel and outdoor adventure sports advice

  • Promoting a love for nature and nature conservation

  • Enhancing wellbeing and inviting readers to feel alive!


The Team

We are a team of people passionate about nature, adventure and outdoor sports. Beemiles was born out of the desire to spread the passion for adventure to the world.

Victoria Reynal | Editor

Nature lover and communications expert, Victoria doesn't hesitate to say yes whenever it comes to contributing to projects connected to bringing people closer to nature. She has a passion for making this world more sustainable and more environmentally friendly! She brings life to untold stories about adventure, nature and life. Born in the Argentine pampas, Victoria is an aspiring backcountry skier and polo player by tradition. @vixtoriarey | Linkedin

Matías Kambič | Founder

Industrial engineer / entrepreneur with passion for life and adventure. Beemiles co-founder. Runner, skier, kitesurfer, windsurfer and mountain lover. Feels comfortable in doing things from scratch, let it be developing a business, helping a team to grow or working for a cause with social impact. After working many years for the EU, he discovered the way to contribute for a better society is to work in healing the lost connection between people and nature. Nothing better than inspiring adventure, his quest to bridge that gap! @mkambic | Linkedin

Sebastian Vereertbrugghen | Visual Experience Designer

Born in Patagonia, industrial designer and co-founder of Bigair Factory and Beemiles. With adventure running in his veins, Sebastian has a sharp eye for perfection in everything he does. Designer, photographer and artist with the capacity of creating visual realism out of ideas and technology. Windsurfer, nomad and nature lover. @seba.vereert | Linkedin

Marko Magister | Film Director & Visual Artist

Marko pursues life as an adventure and has the discipline to channel it through the lens of his cameras. Nothing is left to standard as he is always pushing to the limit, whether in sports or while directing a commercial. Nomad, born in Patagonia, industrial designer, extreme sports lover, film director and photographer. Co-founder of Bigair Factory and Beemiles. @markomagister

Bruno Calzetta Larrieu | Technology

IT Engineer, ironman runner and passionate about succeeding in any type of adventure challenge ahead. Bruno joined the team as co-founder in charge of the supporting technology. During the last 15 years, he has accumulated great IT experience both in the corporate and startup world. Born in Patagonia, proud husband and father of two. @bruno.calzetta.l| Linkedin

Alenka Mali | Adventure Experts Community Manager

Alenka stepped out of her comfort zone early in life. She moved from Slovenia to Canada where she finished high school. Currently based in Squamish in Canada, her life moto is simple: try to get the most from every day, keep a positive mindset in every situation and trust that good things do happen, when you focus in good. Photographer, social media wiz, global trotter, surfer, snowboarder and mountain lover. She takes care that we discover the best spots and stay connected to the expert's adventure community. @alenkaamali | Linkedin

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It is about who we are, and whom we come from. It is about where we are going, and how we choose to get there. And it is about for always, forever.
— Māori writer - academic, Dr Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, explaining "Ta moko", the traditional Māori tattooing, inspiration for our brand logo.