We believe the closer people get to nature, the more aware they will become of how deeply interconnected we are with our planet. Or lets just call it home.

As we thrive to bring more adventure to our readers, we also encourage them to become more aware of the fact that there are many regions around world with great natural value at risk of human devastation. Let it be artificial dam floodings, heavy industry setup, invasive agriculture and forestry or whatever activities which risks destroying areas which should suffer minimal intervention.

We believe that adventure tourism is an important economic engine and keeps interests of local communities aligned in favor of environmental conservation and protection of public lands. That is the reason why we pay special attention in rising the awareness of areas in such risk and promoting adventure activities happening there. We might inspire you to go there so you could in a way support those local businesses making a living from responsible adventure tourism.

You become part of our environmental call by getting engaged with our stories and sharing them with your friends!

Thank you!